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2016 Head of the Yarra [CLUB]

  • 26 Nov 2016
  • Yarra River, Melbourne


  • This regatta fee has two components: (1) A per regatta transport fee ($15.00 Metro)); plus (2) an event fee ($55.00).

The Head of the Yarra is held annually on the last Saturday of November.

Are you up for the gruelling 8.6km rowing challenge upstream from the heart of Melbourne winding up the Yarra River to Hawthorn?

Registering for a Regatta [Members Only]

  1. Crew coordinator or Coach emails the Regatta Secretary stating which regatta, which races, crew members (and seat) and preferred boat. The crew coordinator is usually the stroke but maybe someone else nominated by the crew.
  2. The Regatta Secretary will liaise with the Captain of Boats re boat availability, liaise with the Treasurer to ensure there are no financial issues impacting upon regatta entries, and will then enter regatta entries on Rowing Manager.
  3. The Treasurer will generate regatta invoices based on regatta entries. These invoices will be sent out after the regatta and will reflect races rowed (in case there are any alterations from races entered).
  4. All rowers are expected to pay regatta fees ASAP upon receipt of the invoice. If there are outstanding regatta invoices it may not be possible to enter upcoming regattas.
  5. If there are any difficulties paying invoices please contact the Equity Committee.

Starting location

Viewing can be done from any part of the 8.6km stretch of Yarra that these brave souls will be rowing up.

If your keen for a good viewing spot ask one of the veterans about Big bend........

If you have any questions contact the Regatta Secretary or the Captain.


We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land and acknowledge and pay respect to their Elders, past and present.

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