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COVIDSafe  |  Wear a face mask  |  Physical distancing 1.5mtrs  |  Good hand hygiene  |  Do not attend training if unwell or have symptoms

Facility : OPEN (Reopened 18 February 2021, post Circuit Breaker Action)
(page updated: 17/02/2021)

Return to COVIDSafe Summer, with minor changes, post Circuit Breaker Action - 17 February, 2021

From 11:59PM Wednesday 17 February 2021 we return to COVIDSafe Summer, with some changes—how this relates to our reopening and operations is detailed below.

Returning to COVIDSafe Summer, 18 February 2021 :

  • Club training facility : Re-opened, sign-in via QR code is mandatory
  • Social rowing : Resumes, return to usual schedule
  • Squad training : Resumes, return to usual schedule
  • Crew & individual rowing : Permitted, booking of boat required
  • Ergos : Permitted, outdoors preferred
  • LTR & RTR Programs : Resume
  • ArgoConnect & events : Resume, with new limits on attendance (20 outdoors)

It’s also worth refreshing the mandatory requirements that you must follow, under our COVIDSafe Plan and COVIDSafe Summer.

  • Sign-in via QR code - for all attendees (members, program participants, visitors, external coaches & coxes—everyone!)
  • Wear a face mask - required at all times indoors, and to be carried with you outdoors and worn when you can’t maintain 1.5mtrs distance from others
  • Density limits apply - they must be adhered to at all times indoors, signage is displayed
  • Clean boats & equipment (including oars, coxbox & mic, strokecoach, megaphones, bikes, tools) - after each use as per procedures, ample supplies are provided
  • Follow the COVIDSafe Principles of good hand hygiene and do not attend training or the club if you’re feeling unwell

The facility will be cleaned and supplies replenished Thursday morning in preparation for a return to scheduled training activities.

Stay Safe. Stay Rowing.


The Victorian Government has introduced Circuit Breaker Action which applied for a period of 5 days (11:59PM Friday 12 February to 11:59pm Wednesday 17 February, 2021).

For the Argonauts, as a community sporting club, we are required to close.

What this means for us during the circuit breaker period:

  • Club training facility : Closed, no access to sheds or club rooms
  • Social rowing : Cancelled
  • Squad training : Cancelled
  • Crew & individual rowing : Not permitted
  • Ergos : Not permitted
  • LTR & RTR Programs : Suspended & postponed
  • ArgoConnect & events : Suspended & postponed

Hopefully this action has the intended effect and the restrictions can be lifted and operations returned to normal as is planned. We will communicate with you again as soon as we know the restrictions are lifting; be assured that before we return to COVIDSafe operations our facility and equipment will be cleaned and appropriate supplies will be available to safely return.

We encourage you to follow the restrictions imposed by the circuit breaker action, recognising this is a difficult time, and to reach out to your family and friends if you need support—this includes the Argonauts committee and your fellow members.

Stay Safe.

More information can be found at https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/ and support can be found at https://www.lifeline.org.au/ & https://www.switchboard.org.au/. Rainbow Door is another new LGBTQI+ helpline providing information, support, and referral to all LGBTIQA+ Victorians, their friends and family during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

COVIDSafe Summer - 6th Dec 2020 (Update 3rd February 2021)

We're now operating under the COVIDSafe Summer restrictions, while these do allow for a more normal way of operating there continue to be some mandatory requirements that we the club and you the members must follow.

Mandatory Requirements

  • Sign in, via QR code, for each attendance at the club facility

  • Wear a Face Mask while indoors

  • Follow the density limits for each space, refer to signage
  • Clean boats and equipment (including oars, Coxbox, StrokeCoach, megaphones, bikes, tools) after each use, cleaning supplies are provided

  • Maintain social distance where you can

Bookings & COVIDSafe Officers

  • Squad training sessions is via the online availability spreadsheets
  • Crew rowing can continue to be booked via Picktime online (Services > On-Water > Crew Rowing), however only the crew coordinator needs to book now, not every single crew member (they must all sign in on arrival though)
  • Social rowing sessions remain booked via Picktime online
  • A COVIDSafe Officer is not designated for each session but one or more will be in attendance to supervise—the procedures for attendance, cleaning, and behaviour are well known to all members and it is their responsibility to follow these—the COVIDSafe officers will remind members of mandatory requirements and call out actions that do not follow the clubs procedures

Facility Cleaning

  • Regular facilities cleaning is completed by the Primary COVID safety officer, this includes the club rooms, doors, key, bathroom, racking and general high touch surface areas
  • Supplies of cleaning equipment, hand wash, hand sanitiser, boat soap is regularly replenished—if you notice something is empty please advise the primary COVID Safety Officer

Return to Rowing Roadmap - Last Step (23rd Nov 2020)

We've now reached the last step in the roadmap, changes to the current restrictions are highlighted below. Our COVIDSafe Plan remains in effect so please continue to follow it and all procedures. Thank you for your efforts so far in adhering to the new procedures. 

Return to Rowing Roadmap - Third Step (28th Oct 2020)

Please read carefully our COVIDSafe Plan and the information below to see what training and club operations look like as we journey through the roadmap, it is not a return to normal it's a gradual process please be aware of new procedures and follow the directions of the Safety Officer. Note also that procedures may change regularly and while these will be communicated it's important you follow the directions of the safety officer who will have the latest advice and check back here for current information.

Roles & Responsibilities 

Training Booking & Sign In

COVIDSafe Plan

Covid Safety Officers

Primary : Daniel Orlic

Session Officers (Training Completed):

  • Paul Van Der Poel
  • Stephen Masterman
  • Joshua Lipscombe
  • Mitchell Davey
  • Timothy Dart
  • Alastair Williamson
  • Richard Noonan
  • Angus Birdsall

Procedures & Documents


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We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land and acknowledge and pay respect to their Elders, past and present.

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